John Hansen Historical Crime Fiction Novels

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Book One:


Non-stop action and intrigue based on actual events in The War Comes Home are the foundation of a saga that tells what really happened in the 1970s from the perspective of veterans and police officers. 

After two tours of duty as an Army medic in the jungles of Vietnam, easy-going 23 year old Roger Hitchcock, a former Olympic level Golden Gloves boxer, returns home to a very different America than the one he left. 

Instead of picking up where he left off in medical school, the son of the town doctor joins his hometown police department out of a strong desire to serve and protect others. He finds the winds of change are blowing hard. Much of the public has no respect for the law or those who have sacrificed to protect them. 

Because boxing trained him from his youth to fight against the odds, the young Hitchcock is undeterred. He draws upon the discipline and life lessons he learned from the ring and war combat to meet unique challenges head-on. . 


The Saga Continues...


Roger Hitchcock in

Book Two






After a drunken mob attacks an officer making an arrest of a minor in a bar, "the Four" get authorization to even the score. Meanwhile, heroin, LSD and cocaine, were killing Hitchcock's generation. As a police officer in his hometown, he resorts to unconventional methods to fight back and save lives. The criminal element paints a bullseye on his back, but that won't stop him.