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Whenever the world starts falling apart, there are always those who hold the line for others, no matter what. So it was with the new officers of the Baby Boom generation, who returned from Vietnam and became police officers, manning the 'thin blue line'  as generations before them did, except this time they go from being called 'baby killers' by the Left to being called 'pigs' by the same people, yet they continue to serve and protect the deserving and undeserving alike.

The Bluesuit Chronicles is 'historically correct,' set in the political, social and economic backdrop of the 1970s. The characters become more developed with each book as the series progresses. Every book leads to the next, yet each is written to stand by itself as a solid, satisfying story that leaves readers feeling good and wanting to read again. Many readers buy and read the electronic version and buy the printed versions for their home libraries. Highly recommended by a growing readership, currently rating 4.8 stars out of 5 at Amazon.

The Bluesuit Chronicles Historical Crime Fiction Novels

Hop into the front seat of a police cruiser for an exciting ride into History! John Hansen Historical Crime Fiction Novels introduce Officer Roger Hitchcock, whose "sixth sense," developed in combat in Vietnam, leads and guides him into being at the right place at the right time, like an Unseen Hand. The young Hitchcock's fierce love of country, compassion for others and bold sense of adventure give readers a historically correct and riveting look-back into the "Roaring 70s." Authentic nail-biting action, romance, mystery and intrigue make for exciting, satisfying and informative reading. 

Readers of fiction books in this genre ask where the term 'bluesuits' came from. It was what FBI agents of the 60s and 70s commonly used to refer to local police officers, patrolmen or detectives.

Four books have been released as of June 2015. Author John Hansen expects to release one more book in 2015. He estimates there will be at least ten books in The Bluesuit Chronicles historical crime fiction novels series.  


It is 1970, and the handwriting is on the wall: the war effort in Vietnam is winding down to an inevitable and humiliating loss to communist forces. Veterans begin coming home in large waves, to find their country changed while they were away, fighting for freedom. In the coming decade, America will be rocked by economic, political, military, religious and cultural scandals. Unlike any other time in history except for the post Civil War era, violent crime, murder, robbery and rape skyrocket. Betrayal and scandal prevails in every sphere of American life, time-honored cultural mores and values are openly scorned and mocked, drug abuse of every kind is glorified and encouraged by celebrities, well known public figures, trusted media personalities, resulting in heavy devastation of the Baby-Boom generation.

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