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The Saga Continues...


Roger Hitchcock in                                 Book Four

The Saga Continues...

Roger Hitchcock in 

Book Three


A Time of New Evils

Valley of Long Shadows picks up where The New Darkness left off. The Department and the City face political, cultural and administrative fallout of a dramatic gun battle when Hitchcock and Tom Sherman shoot it out with two criminals who ambushed them, killing both...

After three months of nightshift non-stop action, the men of the old night shift squad look forward to a change of pace when they rotate to working days at the end of the holidays. As young cops it won't be long before they start to miss the action.

On the surface, not working nights allows for a more normal social life, less dominated by "the job" - more family time for the married men, more time for "social" activity for the bachelors.

For all their enjoyment of traditional police work, the young officers find that nothing in life stands still - the unseen forces of good and evil continue their conflict. Readers of fiction books will appreciate that, for Hitchcock, with his thirst for action and weakness for the ladies, quiet mornings are sometimes a false peace - and produce surprises.