John Hansen Historical Crime Fiction Novels

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Book One:


             Second Edition

The saga begins when Hitchcock has just completed his probationary first year and he and Walker risk their live trying to stop a homicide suicide from happening. The former boxing champ and Army medic is shocked by the changes in his country brought on by the drug culture, and since his own department is unprepared to deal with it. He decides to find a way to fight back. 

       After two tours of duty as an Army medic in the jungles of Vietnam, easy-going 23 year old Roger Hitchcock, a former Olympic level Golden Gloves boxer, returns home to a very different America than the one he left. 

Instead of picking up where he left off in medical school, the son of the town doctor joins his hometown police department out of a strong desire to serve and protect others. To his dismay, he finds the winds of change have been blowing hard.Much of the public has no respect for the law or those who have sacrificed to protect them. 

A Roger Hitchcock Novel
Book Four:


After three months of non-stop action, the men of the old night shift squad look forward to a change of pace when they rotate to working days at the end of the holidays. As young cops it won't be long before they start to miss the action.

On the surface, not working nights allows for a more normal social life, less dominated by "the job" - more family time for the married men, more time for "social" activity for the bachelors.

For all their enjoyment of traditional police work, the young officers find that nothing in life stands still - the unseen forces of good and evil continue their conflict. For Hitchcock, with his thirst for action and weakness for the ladies, quiet mornings are sometimes a false peace - and sometimes surprises - especially in these times.