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The Saga Continues...

Roger Hitchcock in 

Book Three


A Time of New Evils

Valley of Long Shadows picks up where The New Darkness left off. The department and the City face political, cultural and administrative fallout after Hitchcock and fellow officer Tom Sherman prevail in a dramatic gun battle with two criminals who ambushed them. Based on actual events, the action is fast, plots thicken, and new breeds of predators emerge  against a backdrop of the long shadows of communism, capitalism, the church, anarchy, drugs, crime and justice which compete for the hearts and souls of the living, and test the strength of society's blue line of defense. Conspiracy is added to the driving themes of action, romance, and redemption in Valley of Long Shadows.

The Saga Continues...

A Roger Hitchcock Novel
Book Two


Action, intrigue and romance make this second book in the series a midnight page-turner. Like a forest fire driven by high winds, the drug craze of the late 60s swept through the nation at an accelerated pace in the 70s, devouring and alienating the nation's youth. The law-abiding public felt battered and abandoned as long-held social norms and moral standards were cast aside and a rise in violent crime took hold. 

Betrayal was rampant. Use of  marijuana, LSD, cocaine, even heroin was openly encouraged by once-trusted public figures...

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